Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Of Blooms and Birds (and a bug)

The Spring garden is busy blooming away -- there are forget-me-nots and little bluebells all over the dang place, as are the wee "johnny jump-ups" that some folks call pansy violets.  There are buds everywhere, the roses all look to be in fine shape, and I have hope for the hibiscus which didn't bloom last year and which I thought was toast.

One surprise is a couple of large snapdragons -- these are supposedly annuals, at least in our neck'o'the woods.  But I have at least two which were planted this time last year, and which bloomed last summer, and which are now showing flower buds again.  We certainly did have a mild winter!

Here is the annual flower bed, to which I just added some pansies and marigolds:

Bluebells and forget-me-nots are scattered throughout the garden.

There is one lone tulip blooming, in a spot I did not plant any tulips.  I blame squirrels.

More bluebells!

The flowering quince is living up to its name:

Then there are birds -- though not from my yard.  These are from a recent visit to both the Montlake Fill and Magnuson Park wetlands.

I don't often take photos of robins, but this one posed ever so nicely that I couldn't resist:

I also don't take many photos of Mallards but again, this one showed off lovely iridescence:

A Marsh Wren sang vigorously on its territory:

And a Pied-billed Grebe fluffed up its feathers:

The Hairy Wienerdog waited patiently, as always:

Back home in the garden, this moth landed on a plant next to my lawn chair:

There is sunshine in the forecast -- today it should reach 65, and tomorrow they say it will hit 75!!  Today I must do some research for the Seattle Audubon Society centennial book, at least in the morning, and the afternoon will be dedicated to the garden.  Tomorrow -- who knows what hijinks Truman and I will get up to?  Stay tuned!


  1. I saw most of these photos on Facebook already, but I must say again that I love all the lawn animals and the moth was a nice addition. Your garden looks great. Hope the nice weather continues. Go Mariners!

    1. Great win today (and yesterday!).
      I think there are over 30 garden statues and lawn ornaments in my garden...they're hard to resist.

  2. Time to get back on the horse.
    Love the garden bunnies and the hippo. I had to leave all mine when I left my last home because they were positioned on special places and as it turns out I don't have a garden here. Not good at all for an ex horticulturalist. Anyway back to the point, great bird photos today especially the Marsh wren. I have been following you avidly even though I have not been participating for the last couple of months and as always great photos and sketches. Your retirement sounds like a constant party, if you know what I mean, for you and Truman. I'm just trying to get my spark back, I hope this will be a catalyst.

    1. Good to hear from you -- welcome back! Sorry to hear about the lack of a garden -- any room for container plants?
      Yes, Tru and I are thoroughly enjoying retirement together. He's good company whether we're out and about or just lazing around at home.
      Thank you for keeping up with the blog and good luck on getting your spark back!

  3. Your garden looks great. We are, of course, far behind you as far as spring is concerned, but I tell myself hopefully that a cold spring might mean a less than hellish summer. I do have a lot of scilla, not quite blooming but just waiting for temperatures to get over fifty again, which they should do in a couple of days. Your bluebells are ravishing.