Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Fun in the Sun at Golden Gardens

On Saturday Truman and I ventured forth with Tina and Ocean to Golden Gardens Park -- it was a sunny afternoon which we thoroughly enjoyed, although Truman was not too happy about being forced to walk (because his stroller cannot navigate the sandy areas).  I'm sure he's forgiven me!

A Great Blue Heron was fishing in the marsh.

A Belted Kingfisher was also busy flying around the marsh hunting up fish -- very difficult to get photos of -- after 100+ shots, I got this one!

There were lots of turtles out sunning in the marsh.  I did a quick sketch there.

We sat and sketched for a bit at the quieter end of the beach.

Of the many, many boats sailing past, I liked this one best:

More than one person had the bright idea to bring a hammock to the park:

And apparently tightrope walking is a big thing now -- there were several groups practicing:

Truman did a good job of patiently waiting while we drew stuff.

I ran out of room on the page when I sketched the main park building...oh well, so it goes!

Lovely outing!


  1. What a beautiful day. I see that you actually drew a person! I like that one. Perhaps you should get a larger sketchbook? You always seem to be running out of space - LOL. Nice stuff.

    1. I do have a larger sketchbook but it's not as easy to tote around. I like to use the small sketching kit when I'm walking a lot, and only use the bigger outfit when I won't be moving around a lot. Gets too heavy otherwise. Or I make Truman carry my stuff in his stroller!