Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Saturday Adventures

This past Saturday was warm and sunny again, so clearly that meant dog walking and sketching.  So I tootled over to Tina's place and we headed off from there to Richmond Beach Park for some fun in the sun.

We scouted out the few small patches of shade for the hounds to relax in while we drew.

 I wasn't that happy with the results -- a bit too messy in the foreground.  I've been trying to find a good balance between drawing (with pen) and painting (watercolor) and this went too far over into watercolor.  It needed more pen.  Oh, well.

I took a stroll down to the beach, where I spotted a nice group of Brant geese.

It was too hot for the dogs, so we headed off for shadier climes -- the new Mud Bay pet supply store on 175th, which was having its grand opening (free dog treats!).

The store manager has a long-haired black-and-tan dachshund, and sports this tattoo.  (No, I am not getting one of Truman).

Our last stop was at the shady and cool Paramount Park (also in Shoreline).  Truman considered an attempt to cross the water at this rather dubious looking spot:

And then he thought better of it.

We sat down to sketch at this little pond -- those trees in the background were ever so lovely.

I decided to try a simple drawing in monochromatic brown ink (water soluble).  I was much happier with this piece than the first one.

On Sunday we went to Saint Edward Park and sketched at the old Catholic seminary there.  Stay tuned!


  1. Yep, I sure like the last sketch better than the first, although I can't sketch at all so they both look pretty good to me.
    How about a Mariners tattoo/Truman combination? Tru to the blu - ha! Stupid team.

  2. Wow, you can tell how hot it was just by the dog tongues!

    That sketch is gorgeous.