Friday, February 19, 2016

What, it's Friday again already?

What I've noticed so far about being a Retired Person (as well as a Retiring Person):

1.  Time flies when you're not doing anything.  How does that happen?

2.  There are no weekdays or weekend days.  There are just Days When They're Aren't As Many People On the Roads or In the Stores, and Those Other Two Days.

3.  I feel no nostalgia whatsoever about riding Metro buses.

4.  There are more naps!

Also, Truman sleeps a lot, even though I'm home.  Of course, he's a dog, and that's what dogs do.

Yesterday we got out briefly for a quick jaunt around the Montlake Fill, where it was overcast and there weren't many photo opportunities.  I did manage to snap a blurry picture of a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, which is an accomplishment, as these tiny birds flit constantly, pausing no more than half a second.

Over at Yesler Cove, I found a Common Merganser hanging out.  Most of the Wintering-Over Waterfowl have departed, though a handful remain here and there.

Truman actually walked about half of the route.

I'm looking forward to warm sunny Spring and Summer days when we can spend more time at the Fill.

Today, of course, it is raining.  Again.  Oh, well.  At least it is Friday -- for those of you who care about what day of the week it is!

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