Thursday, February 25, 2016

Urban Sketcher Group Outing

Last Sunday the Seattle Urban Sketchers group met up at McMenamin's in Bothell -- this is a company that buys up old, interesting properties and restores them as hotel/restaurant resorts.  The one we went to was a junior high school from 1931, and it had multiple buildings with fun decor.

This is the hotel:

Hotel on left, gift shop on right:

Unfortunately, it was too cold (and later, too rainy) to sketch outside.  There was landscaping I wanted to draw, but it will have to wait for a sunnier day.

I checked out the hotel floors instead -- they seem very big on having lots of ceiling lights:

This was the entry to a snug coffee/tea spot:

Here's part of the lobby for one of the many restaurants on site:

They are also fond of wall decor:

The old gymnasium had been converted to a HUGE swimming pool with a bar/restaurant -- it had a Tiki/Hawaiian theme going.  Sadly, the pool area was closed for maintenance, so the one good sketch I managed to do was from the lobby:

Nicole and Tina and I agreed that this was a spot worth returning to on a warm sunny day!

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  1. What a great building! I loved that couch/love seat whatever it is in the photo right below the "Principal's Office". Their decorating is awesome. You must go back and sketch/take photo of pool.