Friday, February 26, 2016

A sunny day at Richmond Beach Park

On Tuesday I went sketching with Nicole, and we returned to Richmond Beach Park in the hope that it would be sunnier and warmer than on our previous visit.  It was!  And the views were spectacular:

We found a nice spot near a pergola perched high above the beach, and stopped to sketch there.

I noticed these two crows posing ever so picturesquely and I wanted to draw this scene very much, but I had a feeling they wouldn't hang around long enough.  So I snapped a photo instead, and a good thing, too, as they flew off a second afterwards.

Nicole hiked down to the beach, while I paused on the path above to draw this view:

Then I trotted on down to the beach, where I quickly discovered that warm and sunny up top does not guarantee warm and sunny down below by the water.  It was breezy and chilly.  We declared the sketch outing to be over.

Yesterday was gloriously sunny and warm, and I chose to spend it in a favorite place -- my own back yard.  There I did bits of weeding in between long bouts of lounging.  It was fabulous.

The rains are scheduled to return this afternoon and continue off and on through the weekend.  Oh, well.  So it goes!

Happy Friday from the Happy Retiree:

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  1. I'm very jealous. You certainly are making the most of your time. Hope you and Truman have a great weekend despite the weather.