Monday, February 22, 2016

Saturday Adventures (plus Truman!)

 Saturday turned out to be rather busy, not all of it planned.  In the morning I walked/strolled Truman to the library to drop off books, and then we drove to the pet store.  When I tried to get his stroller from the back, my key broke off in the lock.  Most vexing!  After securing pet food, I drove to Bulger Locksmith on Lake City Way (yes, I always keep a spare car key in my purse) where they expertly removed it and made a couple new ones for under $10.  They are the greatest.

I returned Truman to his beloved Spot By the Window at home, and then abandoned him for hours and hours.  I did leave him some plush toys for company:

His friends are Hermione, Max, Totoro, Rufus, and Milo.

Meanwhile, I was off to Capitol  Hill on a sketch outing thanks to Tina, who had an appointment there and gave me a lift.  During the hour and a half or so I had there, I settled down at Cal Anderson Park to sketch the reservoir building and to admire the gulls.  I rarely take photos of gulls, as I don't usually find them being terribly photogenic, but some fool was feeding them and I snapped off a few in-flight pics that pleased me.  These are Glaucous-winged Gulls:

Then I got down to sketching.  I had brought my camp stool, so I was able to park myself in a spot with a good view:

After finishing the drawing, I wandered over to Elliott Bay Books for a while, where I did not buy anything!  I did, however, meet a customer with a charming four-month-old pug named Lulu, and was pleased to know that dogs were welcome inside.  Another place to bring Truman!

When I met up with Tina after her appointment, we determined it was too chilly to continue sketching, so she suggested popping into the Northwest Flower and Garden show at the Convention Center.  We had a good time there -- I shall save those photos for tomorrow.

When I got home, Truman gave me a Look as if to imply that I had neglected him far longer than he deemed appropriate.  I appeased him with a short walk around Meadowbrook Pond Park, where we had some lovely waterfowl to admire.  I shall post those photos later on as well.  Stay tuned!

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