Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Photos That Didn't Fit Into Other Posts

Today I am posting the random photos taken here and there from the past two weeks or so that I saved but which didn't seem to belong to other posts.

This is because I don't have anything else terribly exciting to report.  Not that I need things to be exciting -- I enjoy peace and quiet very much!

First, yesterday Nicole and I went sketching at Richmond Beach Park in Shoreline.  It was foggy in my neighborhood, but brilliantly sunny just a mile away in hers, and as we drove to the park for several miles, it was lovely and clear and we were quite happy -- until we turned down the road to the park only to be met by a fog bank.  Brrrrr!  We braved it anyway, sitting under a picnic shelter to quickly sketch stuff.  We were just about to give up and leave when the sun started breaking through and it warmed up.  Whew.  

I didn't do anything much there, due to drawing as fast as possible.

Next up, from a week or so ago, the first sign of Spring in my garden -- crocus!

Plus a bonus Anna's Hummingbird in my yard:

On a completely unrelated note, here are some goldeneyes from two recent outings -- two different species.  First up, the Common Goldeneye, seen at Magnuson Park:

Secondly, the Barrow's Goldeneye, seen from Golden Gardens Park.  Note the white patch on the face -- tear-drop shape in the Barrow's, round in the Common.

Lastly, from back in late January, when Truman had visitors Chloe and Winston for the day:

Today it is overcast and much cooler out, and rain is in the forecast for later today all the way through the weekend.  Time to work on indoor projects!  


  1. Very nice! So what's new on the reading front? You haven't posted anything about that for quite a while. Glad you are enjoying your non-work experience. I'm so jealous.

    1. I don't plan to post anything about reading -- since no longer reading on the bus commute, it has dropped off a lot. Currently enjoying Bill Bryson's newest humor-travel book "The Road to Little Dribbling". Highly recommended.