Monday, February 8, 2016

Out and About: Golden Gardens Park

On Sunday Tina brought her dog Ocean along and I brought Truman along on an outing to Golden Gardens Park in the hope of getting in both a walk and some sketching.

During the dog walk, we determined it was too chilly to sketch outside.  There were lovely views all along the promenade, but it felt like 45 degrees and there was a light breeze, and we were COLD.

So we made a note to come back on a warmer day.  In the meantime, we sketched the view from inside the car instead.  I found it interesting to see how two different artists approach the same subject.  Here is my version:

And here is Tina's version:

Next we drove down a ways to the marina next door, where we parked to sketch the view from the car again.  It was not as good a view as the previous one.

The statue is of Leif Erikson.  I gave it a try:

Then I decided to do something utterly mundane just for fun -- I think this fire hydrant is my favorite sketch from the day:

On our way back, we stopped briefly at a garden decor shop on 85th -- it is full of wacky stuff, and as the sun was trying to break through the clouds and it had warmed a teensy bit, we got out and sketched some of the items very quickly.

This is definitely an area of Seattle that we'll return to on warmer days!

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  1. I thought it was cute that you wrote "That Place on 85th" on your drawing until I scrolled down and saw it was actually the name of the store LOL. I like the last picture best. Very colorful!