Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Gardens in Georgetown

For the past three years the quirky neighborhood of Georgetown (south of downtown) has held an annual private garden tour, and the Seattle Urban Sketch group has met up there.  It was held last Sunday and Tina and Nicole and I were able to join in the fun.

The homes here date from the 1890s on up.

Below is the Gesner Mansion (also known as the Georgetown Castle), which I sketched the first year.  The home owner bought that sketch and it's now displayed inside on a wall with other paintings of the home by local artists.

This home was built in 1893 and belonged to the Mayor of Georgetown (before it became part of Seattle).

I spent a lot of time doing this sketch of the back garden of the castle:

Then I spent a happy hour or so checking out many of the private gardens on view:

One garden had miniature buildings scattered throughout, and bowling balls!

By the time I reached the meet-up place (where we all shared all drawings), at a park where a small art festival was going on, I had just 20 minutes for one final, hasty and rather cluttered sketch of the view I had from a picnic bench:

There's a report on the Urban Sketchers blog about the outing (from one of the organizers) here:

If you scroll down to the end, you'll see me in the group photo -- back row, 4th from right (and Tina is next on my right -- no idea where Nicole scampered off to!).

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  1. The Mother isn't the only one with a bowling ball in her yard LOL. Those are some beautiful houses (and sketches thereof). Gotta love the old stuff!!