Tuesday, July 18, 2017

This and That

On Sunday morning I decided to tootle over to a small community garden in Shoreline that I'd sketched before.  It's next door to a church which I'd also planned to draw, but they were hosting a homeless encampment in their parking lot and I couldn't get a good view of the building.

So I just drew the tool shed at the garden:

Next, Truman and I headed to neighboring Lake Forest Park for their weekly Farmer's Market.

They were also having a special craft fair.

The craft fair included a booth of alpaca wool items -- and they brought along the alpacas, too!

Truman was more interested in the free treats handed out at the booth for his favorite pet supply store.

Meanwhile, a juvenile Bald Eagle soared overhead, so I even got a little birding in.

On Monday I borrowed Winston and Chloe and let them hang out at Dog End all day.

Truman has been missing his little foster friend, and he hadn't seen his buddy Winston for ages, as his family was on vacation.

He was delighted to have doggie company again.

I may have to get him another foster friend!

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