Monday, July 24, 2017

More Fun at the Fill

On Saturday morning Truman and I headed down to the Montlake Fill to join Connie on her weekly shorebird survey.  I didn't actually see any shorebirds (migration is pretty much over, leaving just a handful of resident Killdeer, who apparently were hiding).

I did see this bee on a coneflower:

We sat by the main pond for a while, where the Mallards were bold enough to feed right by our feet.

Then we checked on the Osprey family.

The parents continue to add sticks to build up the nest as the chicks grow bigger.

I did two quick landscape sketches.  This is the view of Lake Washington and the 520 bridge -- if there were no clouds, Mt. Rainier would be in the background.

And this is what you see of the UW campus buildings from the Fill.

On the way home we stopped at Magnuson Park so Truman could cool off a bit.

Coming tomorrow:  Moon Snails!

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