Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Our Own Private Beach (Almost)

Yesterday I decided to make the long, annoying drive to Discovery Park so I could sketch the lighthouse on the beach.  Although it was a weekday, I wanted to get there early, as it was sunny and warm and summertime, so I figured it would be crowded.  You can't park at the beach unless you are old (62+ so I count!) or have small children who can't walk far, or have a disability, and there are only eight parking spaces.  The next nearest parking lot is a mile or so away.

I got there right at 8:30am when the park office opens and the parking passes are available.  I drove to the beach, where I found an empty parking lot and no one about.

I strolled around looking at the lighthouse from all angles.

And then settled down to the view that I always draw, because it truly is the best one.

Just as I finished up, three elderly gentlemen and their lovely Springer Spaniel arrived to walk around the lighthouse.  They paused to admire my sketch.

Truman and I walked around a little with them (their dog's name was Bullet) and we chatted about art for a bit and about dogs for a while and then they turned to go back to their car and we had the place to ourselves again.

We did have gulls and one Great Blue Heron for company.

I spent nearly two hours sketching and strolling in wonderful solitude.

When we returned to the parking lot, two cars pulled up, so we timed our visit just right!

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  1. What a lovely morning! It's nice that you have a beautiful place like that fairly close to where you live instead of having to drive 5-6 hours like me when I go to the ocean which has been YEARS (blah). Glad you enjoyed yourselves.