Friday, July 7, 2017

Birds at the Zoo

Yesterday Tina and I ventured over to the Woodland Park Zoo, where there were many fine animals about, though my focus was firmly on the avian world.

This is a Vulturine Guineafowl:

Here's a Red-crowned Crane:

And a lovely little female Bufflehead:

The Chilean Flamingos are always a popular stop:

As are the Humboldt Penguins.

We managed, despite the crowds, to get some short sketches done.  Here is one that is NOT A BIRD!

The other sketches I did were birds, though.  Penguins and a Great Blue Heron (which likes to stop by the penguin exhibit during feeding time):


For even more bird fun, we got to watch the raptor demonstration.  This is Lisa carrying Modoc the Turkey Vulture.  Lisa is a zookeeper who lives across the street from me!  And she gets to work with birds!   I am envious.

We also saw the Red-tailed Hawk:

And this fabulous Spectacled Owl:

And this equally fabulous Aplomado Falcon:

In totally non-zoo, non-bird, unrelated news, CHLOE IS GOING TO HER FOREVER FAMILY TOMORROW!!!   She gets to live with a couple in their late 40s who both work part-time, have a nice home with a huge fenced yard, and a 3-year-old dachshund mix girl who loves to play and who got to meet Chloe earlier this week.  They got along just fine.  HOORAY!

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  1. Maybe you could volunteer at the zoo and have all kinds of fun with birds. Once a week would be cool.

    Also - so glad Chloe found the perfect fit. Again - you did an awesome job.