Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Mostly Dachshunds and a little sketching

On Sunday afternoon we stopped by Cromwell Park in Shoreline for the annual fundraiser for Old Dog Haven, a fabulous rescue organization that focuses on saving older dogs.

The large black lab mix is Hank, one of Tina's dogs, as are the two little blond ones (Duke and Ginger).  All are older rescues.  The dachshund greeting them belonged to a woman from "Save A Mutt" rescue.  The booths at the festival were for rescue organizations or pet-related vendors who donated part of every sale to rescue groups.

They also hosted a short walk, a costume contest, and dachshund races.  Because we'd been out at Carkeek Park earlier for low tide exploring, we missed the dachshund races (maybe I can train Tru for next year).  But there were lots of dachshunds around, and I tried to encourage Truman to meet a few.

He was not exactly enthusiastic about this idea.

Even the one who could have been his twin did not elicit much of a response.

I want a second dog that looks just like the longhaired red one here:

Speaking of second dogs, Truman still sometimes acts as if he is searching for little Chloe, the foster we had for six weeks.  I got an update yesterday from her adoptive family, who report that she is doing fantastic -- she spends hours and hours playing with her new sister Bea.  But they renamed her BooBoo!  Honestly.

Oh well.  She does look content.

On Monday Tina and I went sketching at Volunteer Park, where the dahlias were in bloom.

There was a cool old tree remnant there:

The second sketch was of the conservatory.

It was a bit hot out and there is no end in sight to our sunny, 75+ weather for the coming week.  Good thing I'm a morning person -- that's the only time it's cool enough to be outside!

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  1. I've been curious as to how Chloe was doing in her new home. She does look content and even if they gave her a silly new name I guess that's the important thing.
    That red long-haired doggie is gorgeous! You should definitely get one.