Monday, July 10, 2017

A Day in Snoqualmie

On Friday, Tina and I ventured forth to the little town of Snoqualmie to draw trains.  At first, there was some mild confusion, as I thought we were going to the railway museum there, but she meant the old train yard where there are rusted out engines and cars.

They would have made fine sketching subjects had there been any way to get farther back -- the trail was right next to them with a busy road on the other side.  I had no luck drawing them close up.  Also it was hot and there was no shade.

Eventually I found an old caboose sitting farther back from the trail.

Then I talked Tina into looking for the railway museum, which turned out to be just a short ways down the road.

They had a lovely engine in a spot where I could get see it much better, from a covered porch with SHADE.

I spent a good hour there, happily drawing as much detail as I could.  It was a much more satisfying experience.

Next we visited Snoqualmie Falls, where we couldn't sketch because it was too crowded and again, too hot with no shade.  But hey, nice to look at anyway!

A lovely day, all in all.

On Saturday, after six weeks with us, little foster dog Chloe went to her forever home with a wonderful couple who both work part-time, and who have a 3-year-old dachshund mix girl who loves to play.  She should be very happy there.

Truman does miss her a bit, though....

Maybe I'll think about fostering again after my August vacation.


  1. Aw poor puppy is lonely. I bet it's nice to have your life back to normal though.

    1. Oh yes indeedy, it is really relaxing to not have to deal with a one-year-old dog full of energy! Chloe was a sweet dog but she made me very tired--definitely taking a long break before trying anything like that again.