Thursday, April 7, 2016

Truman Goes To Another Park

The life of the retired person can be difficult at times.  Choices are hard.  For example, when the weather is nice, which park do you take the dog to?  So many options, so hard to decide!  Montlake Fill for the birds?  Magnuson Park for sketching?  Gasworks Park for the views?  Hamlin Park for the shade?  Golden Gardens for the illegal beach?  Richmond Beach Park for the legal beach?

Of course, when you have five or six days of nice weather in a row, things get easier.  A different park every day!

Here is Truman at Shoreview Park in Shoreline from last Sunday.

We started out in the woods on top of a hill.

We made our way through the woods and down the hillside to Hidden Lake.

Tru did not express excitement...

He started to perk up a bit when the lake came into view.

Because that meant wading!

On the way back we took the shortcut through the baseball field.

Truman enjoyed sniffing interesting smells there.

I came across a stray baseball and tossed it for him...and he completely ignored it.

Speaking of baseball...go Mariners!!!!

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  1. Yes indeed - Go M's! Looking pretty good so far. I'm glad we are more interested in baseballs than Truman LOL. Looks like he got a good amount of walking in for once.