Friday, April 1, 2016

Stuff That Doesn't Fit Day

Here is another compilation of photos that didn't fit into other posts.

Truman and I have been thoroughly enjoying a run of warm, sunny days here in Seattle (70! and no clouds!).  I had to dig out the sunscreen and the sun hat.  

Down at the Montlake Fill, the Savannah Sparrows have returned from their wanderings and are busy singing away.

After visiting the Fill, Truman and I went up to the campus where he posed in his stroller while I scouted out possible sketching spots.

I wound up stopping here to draw, mainly because it was shady.

There was a light breeze, and as I worked, cherry blossom petals kept falling onto the page.

Back home, I decided it was warm enough to break out the wading pool.  A certain little dachshund was very happy about that!

More nice weather is predicted through at least Saturday -- hooray!

Happy Friday and Happy April Fools' Day!

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