Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Sunday at the Seminary

This past Sunday Tina and I wandered over to Kenmore to look at the heron rookery there, and were a tad disappointed to find lots of wonderful heron nests and herons on them but also lots of tree branches in the way that prevented good photos.  Darn.

So next we tootled on down a nearby road to Saint Edward State Park to do a little sketching.  On the grounds is an old Catholic seminary, built in 1931 and no longer in use.  I warned Tina that she should not try to draw the whole building in one go -- and you can see why -- I couldn't even get it all in one photo.

Truman tagged along on this adventure.

I decided to focus on one small section where a weather vane caught my eye.

And I took photos of bits and pieces of cool architectural flourishes:

Truman did not seem to mind hanging out there, as it was mostly sunny and there weren't a lot of people.  People annoy him, because so many of them want to pet him.  Oh, the horror.

The second (and last) sketch I did was of a window.

Sadly, this lovely place is under threat -- there is a developer who wants to turn it into a hotel.  No final decision has been made.  While the building would keep its historic charms, the resulting influx of cars and guests would undoubtedly change this peaceful spot for the worse.  We'll keep visiting it in calm and quiet while we still can.

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  1. It's a beautiful building with lots of architectural charm. While it would be a shame to see it as a hotel, it's a shame that it's just empty and sitting there too. Maybe many more people will get to enjoy it. It's a conundrum.