Thursday, April 14, 2016

At the Aquarium

On Tuesday I ventured downtown to the Seattle Aquarium, which I can get into for free on my Seattle Gold Card for Old People.  I took along a sketchbook, and on the way down through Pike Place Market to the waterfront, I spotted this pig sculpture just hanging out in a quiet spot with a handy bench nearby.  I sat down to eat a banana and draw the pig.

Then I went into the aquarium, where there is a huge tank in the lobby -- they do demonstrations there, and one had just started.  I tried to sketch the diver, though he was moving about, so it was a bit messy:

Next I got out my camera and wandered through the exhibits -- this is the tidepool:

The octopus was quite active:

The shorebirds were being very photogenic:

Long-billed Curlew


Black Oystercatcher getting a drink


 The Black-bellied Plover wasn't moving around too much, so I did a drawing of it:

This very large fish was in the coral reef display...I didn't figure out what it was:

 In another section is a large dome-shaped aquarium with all sorts of fish swimming around and around...I tried to find ones that weren't moving a lot, and did some quick sketches.

Eventually the arrival of large school groups drove me out of the aquarium and onto the dock, where I had a good view of the Great Wheel:

Coming tomorrow:  yet more garden and Truman photos -- yay!

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  1. I love aquariums. The few times that I've made it to the Oregon coast, I always make it a point to hit the one in Newport. It's really pretty cool for such a small town. It's all that nice relaxing water. The one in Newport has a tunnel you can walk through and be surrounded on all sides by water and beautiful marine life. Way cool.