Monday, April 18, 2016

Sketch Location Criteria

I like to sketch in places which have the following attributes:

  • a lack of crowds
  • easy parking
  • both landscape and building views
  • dog friendly
  • accessibility (for Truman's stroller)
  • both sun and shade
  • easy access to a restroom
This is why I seem to wind up drawing at cemeteries -- they meet all the requirements, and they sure are quiet!

There's one about a mile up the road from my house which I had not investigated because from the street it looked very dull, but I decided to take Truman for a long walk (well, stroll-and-walk) and we wound up there, and it turned out to be quite sketchable, with a boulder-strewn garden with ponds and wooden bridges.

First I went to the office to find out where Mr. T.'s grave site was -- he's the fellow that I visited with my dogs at the retirement home for many years.  We found the site easily and Truman said hello:

Then we strolled over to the memorial garden, where I did a sketch.

I told Tina about it, and she joined me on a second outing for more sketching in the garden.

This is one the very few statues in the whole place.

A very pleasant place, all in all.

Below are two photos from a week or more ago which I haven't found anywhere to put in the other posts, so I'm just going to pop them in here -- we were at the perennial garden at the Montlake Fill, and Truman was bored, as usual.  He gave me his "When are we going home?" expression -- which might be the only expression he knows!

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  1. Nice over the shoulder shots Truman.
    Totally different subject but I wanted to say every time you mention Montlake Fill it reminds me of a book I read which was set in Seattle and the author mentioned Montlake, funny, Seattle has appeared a fair bit in my life lately.