Friday, March 17, 2017

Wee Birds

Yesterday the SUN appeared -- miracle!  I dashed down to the Fill to check on the hummingbird nest, and found the mother still on it.

Then she flew off several times and returned to feed the youngsters.  Sadly, there was a twig in the way, which made things blurry right where I didn't want them to be blurry, but you can sort of see the baby hummingbird's mouth opening to receive food in this shot:

I hope to get back there on Sunday to try for a better viewpoint.  There was a better view just a foot or so to my right, but it was occupied by my birder friend Doug and his tripod and camera, and he was not planning to leave any time soon.  But he wasn't going to go there on Sunday, so I hope to snag that prime spot for a non-blurry-twig shot.

Back home, Truman and I enjoyed the early afternoon sunshine, which warmed up the yard enough for lounging.

Good times!

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