Wednesday, March 8, 2017

More Fun with Dogs

On Monday we had Winston and Chloe for the day, which made Truman very happy.

Truman enjoys doggie company so much that sometimes I ponder getting him a permanent friend.  We shall just have to wait and see about that.

During our morning walk, we encountered a vending machine on the side of the road.  Most likely this was the result of someone stealing it and breaking it open for the money, and then dumping it in our neighborhood.  Lovely.

When Truman and Winston and I returned to the house, they greeted Chloe with great enthusiasm:

Winston has a lot of energy.  Later, in the afternoon, the sun made a few appearances, and the hounds romped around the back yard quite a bit.

It was a good day for dachshunds at Dog End.

On Tuesday the rain returned.  I got tired of waiting for a break in the rain so I could take my walk, and the forecast indicated no break in sight.  So I threw on my rain gear and Truman's rain coat and went for a walk anyway.  Truman got a little wet:

I don't think he really minds that much -- he doesn't seem bothered by water.  There were puddles in the road here and there, and when I tried to steer him around them, he just pulled the other way in order to walk right through them.

After taking off his rain coat and getting him a towel, this is how he dried off:

Just so you  know, the forecast for the next five days is for showers or rain every day.  Bah, Humbug!

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  1. Love the videos! Sure wish I had that much energy. Our weather is pretty good. Supposed to get to 53 today and 60 by next week - yippee! We should get a little rain too. Hope your weather improves quickly. I know how much you and Tru like to go outside.