Wednesday, March 29, 2017

In Which I Once Drew People

I had occasion to dig through some very old storage boxes in search of something that I didn't find, but during the hunt, I came upon some drawings dated 1974 -- and they were all of PEOPLE (!).

I vaguely remember playing around with this simplified, cartoonish line way back then, and what fun it was to do.  I invented these people out of whole cloth -- something I sure don't do now and doubt if I could, since I prefer to draw solely from reality.

I love the liveliness of the line work, the way the line connects people and objects, and I love the expressiveness of the characters.

I was clearly trying to imply little stories behind the characters -- the viewer could easily make up some tale about what they were doing or thinking.  Then there was one based on the Frankenstein story -- sadly missing its bottom right portion:

I did not continue with this style of drawing -- not sure why not, as I find these pictures delightful.  Maybe next time I try to draw people, I can recapture some of this light, lively feeling.

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  1. I like these a lot. Maybe you should try something totally different like mixing realistic backgrounds with "simple line" people. That might be interesting.