Monday, March 14, 2016

Urban Sketchers Go to Union Station

Last Friday the Seattle Urban Sketchers ad hoc group met at Union Station in downtown Seattle.  This was a old train station from 1911 until the 1971, when it fell into disuse.  It was renovated in 2000 and is now used for events but otherwise open to the public on weekdays.

 While I sometimes enjoy drawing buildings, I'm not that keen on architecture, especially challenging stuff like this:

The group sketches from 10:00-12:30, but due to an earlier errand, I didn't arrive until 11:00.  So I opted to focus on a small scene that I might be able to do justice to in the time I had.  The planters placed around the interior attracted my attention:

Then I wandered around outside, where I found this view and for some reason decided to give architecture a try despite my misgivings:

I didn't get far before realizing the proportions were all wrong.  Oh, well.

With just a few minutes left, I walked around taking note of "Stuff to draw on a return visit", like the wonderful international district decor:

We had the usual "share work and chat":

Finally, I am tossing in one unrelated sketch from Saturday, since I have nowhere else to put it.  This is the Twin Ponds park P-patch in Shoreline, drawn from inside the car since it was cold and windy:

Yes, I can see there are hardy people out working in the cold and wind -- but hey, digging warms you up, and drawing doesn't!

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  1. Good stuff. That looks like an area of town that's definitely worth a return visit. Union Station is very cool. I love old buildings. Sure wish we had more of them around here. The old Pasco courthouse is awesome, and a few of the older buildings in downtown Kennewick, but that's about it.