Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Few Birds and other random stuff

Yesterday Tru and I got back to Fill, where we haven't been in ages due to the weather.  We had a pleasant stroll around the Loop Trail, and saw a few nice birds.

As usual, Truman objected any time I ventured off the approved path:

We had a lovely Downy Woodpecker:

And a pair of Wood Ducks:

Here we are on the "approved" route, yet Truman still expressed some displeasure at the idea of walking, possibly because we had already been on a walk earlier in the day.

Here are some Gadwalls heading for the main pond:

At the main pond, in between all the shovelers and gadwalls and teal, I spotted a lone Ruddy Duck very far off and thus blurry.  Oh, well.  So it goes!

It was good to get down there again, and soon we should have more Spring migrants arriving.

And now here are three random pics that didn't fit anywhere else -- an Anna's Hummingbird at my feeder:

A sketch of the cherry trees on the UW quad:

I certainly do appreciate my retiree free parking privilege!

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  1. I love both the hummingbird photo and the sketch of the cherry trees. Foolishly, I thought, "YES CHERRY BLOSSOM THAT IS HOW IT IS." But you got the cloudlike effect that is always the first thing I think of with cherry blossom.