Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Urban Sketchers go to Suzzallo Library

This past Sunday, the monthly Seattle Urban Sketcher outing was at Suzzallo-Allen libraries on the UW campus, and Nicole and I ventured forth to join them.

Because I had sketched the neo-gothic architecture of the older Suzzallo library quite recently, I decided to avoid its pesky architectural challenges, such as this:

Instead, I went next door to the Allen natural sciences library, which has a lovely fossil in its entryway:

I enjoyed drawing it very much, despite rather poor lighting.  Then I sat in the two-story lobby where there are some Native American decorations:

I quickly discovered that they are very difficult to draw -- lots of intricate patterns and detail.

Finally, I sat down in a comfy chair to eat my lunch, and found the view out the window rather attractive:

A most successful outing!

The cherry trees in the quad were in bloom, but it was raining.  So I hope to get back there later this week when there is sunshine (and warmer temperatures) in the forecast.

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  1. I like the detail in the fossil. Your scientific illustration class pays off! Nice stuff.