Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Lovely Day at the Locks, part 2

After getting our fill of Great Blue Herons and other wonderful birds at the Ballard Locks on Saturday, Tina and I settled in for some artistic expression.

Truman was not pleased.  You see, I did not have his stroller, due to not being able to fit it in Tina's car.  So he had to WALK all the time and he had to SIT ON THE GROUND like a normal dog.

This is the view we were drawing:

As you can see, I somehow managed to tilt the whole building a bit.  Oh, well.

Next, we headed back across the lock to explore the other side, where the Carl S. English Gardens are located.  We did not get far and did not see much in bloom.  Tina found some interesting trees to draw while I found a bench for His Highness:

I was attracted to a house in the middle of the park -- there was a gated fence around it with a sign saying Private Residence, no entry.  I looked it up later -- this is the Cavanaugh House, built in 1913, and it is lived in by the lock engineer.  Fancy that.

Then, while waiting for Tina to finish up her tree sketch, I drew a quick tree stump, because it was there.

I had brought my lunch, but Tina was hungry, so we headed out -- though not very far, as right outside the entrance was a fish'n'chips place.  While waiting for Tina to grab something to go, I settled down across from the restaurant to sketch some more while keeping an eye on the hounds.

Truman continued to express his displeasure at being forced to sit on the sidewalk.

And then, after over three hours of beautiful birds, fun sketching, and wonderfully warm sunshine, we headed slowly homeward.

Because the heron colony side of the locks had very wet/muddy walkways, Truman had gotten quite dirty, so when we got back I had to give him a bath.  Somehow I don't think he had as magical a day as I did!


  1. He's so cute and curly! You and Truman's adventures should be a hit blog! Better than Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund. By the way, I like the tree stump!

    1. Travels with Truman: The Dachshund Who Hates To Go For a Walk. Could work!

    2. I like it! I would read it. :)

    3. Dewey, what do you mean you *would* read it? You *do* read it!