Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sketching Inside and Outside

Yesterday Nicole and I went off to sketch, and it was COLD out, so I suggested car sketching.  After I further explained that this did not mean "sketch cars" but meant "sketch while inside the car", she agreed.

We went to Calvary Cemetery in Wedgwood, where I slowly drove round until we found a good view -- a clear advantage of cemetery drawing is that you can park anywhere on the road.  Also, it's very very quiet -- nobody came by to move us along.  It was nice and cozy and warm in the car, though a little cramped at times.

The sun started to make a few feeble efforts to appear, so we decided to tootle on down the road to the nearby Center for Urban Horticulture to see if we could  handle sketching at the perennial garden while outside the comfort of the car.  We did, and we survived, though only for about half an hour, if that.

An enjoyable outing, all in all, though I am chomping at the bit for WARM sketching weather!


  1. It's over 50 degrees here everyday (hint hint) and will be in the low 60s next week. Road trip?