Tuesday, March 1, 2016

It's Truman Time!

It's raining today (again).  Yay.

Luckily, we had several days over the past week where the sun did shine, and Truman and I got outside to enjoy it.  We both love to hang out in our own back yard on sunny days, where I work hard on the garden by pulling weeds for fifteen minutes and then lounging on the lawn chair for thirty.

Here are some photos from last week's sunny back yard outings.

Visitors!  Winston and Chloe stopped by:

Truman and Chloe enjoy a bit of grass salad.  Yum!

Nothing beats a roll on the grass for fun:

Truman likes to help me garden by emulating my digging efforts.

He also likes to emulate my lounging:

Coming tomorrow:  a round-up of birds from the past week.

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