Friday, October 30, 2015

From the archives (sort of)

I haven't posted much this week because the only thing I have to say is, "Got up.  Went to work."  Now, if I had an exciting job, I could write about it, but what I do is sit in front of a computer answering emails and it's just not that thrilling.

Since I have nothing new to write about, I decided to post about older stuff instead.  You may recall that I recently painted Oregon coast lighthouses on my bathroom door.  You may even remember far back enough to recall the woodland pond mural I painted on my bedroom wall.  Ah, but do you recall all of the stuff I've painted on the walls of my home over the years?

Well, you might, especially if you pop over for visits now and then, so this post is really just for any newer readers out there.  It's a recap of the Murals of Dog End. (And if you don't know, "Dog End" is my home's name, as in, "There have always been dachshunds at Dog End.  There always will be.")

First, the bathroom door, in case you forgot what it looked like:

Here's something I did several years ago -- it's a tree on the living room wall.  I'm ever so fond of it.  I've been pondering the notion of putting a few more around the house, on a smaller scale.

Earlier this year I painted the woodland pond mural on the bedroom wall, and so now I can never move.  It's ever so delightful.

This small bit of decoration is something I put above a hallway closet ages and ages ago:

Then there's another mural on the bedroom wall -- it's a scene stolen from a folk art jigsaw puzzle, and there was supposed to be more stuff on the beach at the bottom but I ran out of steam.  Oh, well.  I can live with it the way it is just fine.

And finally, there is another bit of decoration above the kitchen door.  I put it there to remind myself, whenever I feel philosophical ponderings about the meaning of life, the universe, and everything -- all I have to do is glance up at this admonition to remember what it is that I really ought to be doing:

And so I do!


  1. A lovely reminiscence - I don't remember seeing the beach/lighthouse mural (second to last) before. It's very nice!

  2. P.S. - Love the large tree - that's my favorite!!