Monday, November 2, 2015

A break in the rain

The forecast was for rain all weekend long, and sure enough, it was rainy on Saturday and I could not get outside for sketching or birding or dog walking or anything fun at all.  Sunday was predicted to be even rainier.

So when I looked outside on Sunday morning at 7:30am and saw blue skies, I grabbed Truman and said, "In the car, NOW!"  You just can't let opportunities for good weather pass you by here in the Pacific Northwet.

We got down to the Fill in time to see the sun making valiant efforts to defeat the clouds.

And we managed to walk all the way around the Loop Trail, pausing now and then to watch the few birds out and about (it was breezy) before the clouds won and the sprinkles began.

It had been windy on Saturday, too -- here is a newly broken-off cottonwood branch.

Birds tend to hunker down in the wind, except for crows and gulls, who seem to like flying around on windy days.  The songbirds were pretty much out of sight.  The highlight was this Hooded Merganser on the Main Pond.

Truman likes windy days as it brings lots more interesting smells his way.

We paused for a bit on a bench until the gray clouds rolled in and it was time to go home.

It was a good thing we jumped at the chance for a walk when we did, for it rained throughout most of the day, sometimes quite heavily.  In the late afternoon things cleared up a little now and then -- stay tuned tomorrow for my Sunday afternoon adventure.

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  1. Ravens and turkey vultures seem to like the wind too. Along the Mississippi in the driftless area, with the bluffs, on a windy day they are clearly playing with the updrafts and showing off for one another, or so it appears.