Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Front Yard Watch

After the various and many bouts of rain of late, whenever things cleared up for a bit, birds would flock to my front yard, apparently finding good things to chow down on.  Truman gets very excited about Anything In His Yard, and attentively stands (or rather sits) watch through the living room window from his post on the sofa.

We had so many birds on Sunday that I grabbed the camera and opened the window to try getting pictures from the comfort of the sofa.

There were American Robins, American Goldfinches, Black-capped Chickadees, Bushtits, Song Sparrows, European Starlings, Steller's Jays, and a lone Bewick's Wren hopping around my yard.  I did not get photos of any of them.  But I did get pics of these birds:

Spotted Towhee

House Finch

Dark-eyed Junco

Northern Flicker

Tufted Hunter

Truman was not allowed out until the birds departed, which happened when a woman walked a dog past our home.  Right after that excitement, a squirrel arrived, and Truman was Not Going to Stand for That, so I let him out, and he explained to the squirrel why it was a good idea to depart.

And here he is after the squirrel left, standing on the front porch wondering why I'm still sitting on the sofa and not letting him back inside.

Of course I let him back inside -- where he happily resumed his post.

The birds soon returned, and Truman made sure they didn't get up to any hijinks in his yard.  A fine time was had by all!  Well, except for that squirrel, that is....


  1. A cute post! Tufted hunter . . . I love it. Glad you guys had so much fun!

    1. I am perplexed -- I kept wondering why you stopped commenting on my posts, and just now realized that for the past week, none of your comments have appeared in my email (I supposedly have this blog set up so that comments go to my gmail account). It seems to be just you, as I did get one from Molly. Why?????? Must go investigate. STOOPID BLOGSPOT!

    2. Weird. FYI - I don't always comment on every post, but I do comment quite regularly. I'm feeling picked on!!

    3. Didn't get this one in my email either, but did get another one from Molly. It is definitely picking on you! And now I'll have to remember to look at the post to see if you've commented. Great. Don't see anything wrong with my blog settings. Oh well. So it goes.

      Re: retirement: am waiting for one final piece of financial info but think it will be fine. Should know for sure by end of month.

  2. I just can't get enough bird photos, brilliant. I especially liked the Tufted Hunter!
    Yes stupid computers, however I am feeling very special. Bummer that 7Dewey is temporarily in hiding from you. Without going back to look I am sure she has featured on all my posts as she always does. It would seem strange not see 7Dewey there. I just realised I gave 7Dewey a gender, I hope I am correct otherwise I apologise.

    1. 7Dewey is my sister, so you got it right! So she can always privately email me if needed.

      The Tufted Hunter is a very special, rare species indeed, such a treat to have one in my yard.