Thursday, November 12, 2015

Meadowbrook Pond Park

During one of the few sunny moments from last weekend, Truman and I made a short jaunt to Meadowbrook Pond Park to look at the ducks.

The pond attracts mostly Mallards, though in Winter we get the occasional Bufflehead, merganser, or as seen here, a few lovely American Wigeons.

Truman, as usual, was unimpressed by ducks of any kind.

I stopped to watch ducks for so long that he got bored.

So we continued around the little park (all of nine acres).  We paused again to check out a very tall tree overlooking the pond that is often attractive to herons and cormorants, but this time we got a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk instead.  Nice!

I've now strung out my meager photos and outings from this past weekend over as many days as possible, and have nothing left.  Hope the weather is better this coming weekend!

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  1. I sure hope you get good weather too. It's rotten being stuck inside when you don't want to be. I hear you MIGHT be retiring. Cool.