Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Artistic outing of a sort

Last Sunday Michelle and I went to the Artisan Tile Northwest annual show and sale at the Center for Urban Horticulture, where two dozen or so folks were displaying their wares.  I never had any success with ceramics during my artistic training, and I admire the skill it takes to produce these lovely works.

Outside the venue, a few artists were showing garden art and glassware.

Inside, it was all tile of varying sizes and shapes and functions.

Most were small decorative pieces:

This was my favorite -- though being in a frugal mind of late, I did not succumb to the urge to own one.

Michelle bought several of these little vases as Christmas gifts:

At last year's show I did buy several pieces so I didn't feel too badly about not giving anyone any money this time.  It was still a delightful outing, and the artistry on display reminded me that I've been neglectful of my own art the past few weeks.  Mostly that's due to weather and work stress.  I hope to rectify at least one of those issues quite soon.

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