Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dog Days

Truman and I got to entertain Winston and Chloe at Dog End from last Thursday evening until Monday evening, and what a fine, fun time we had.  Truman and Winston are best buds, so they romped and wrestled and hung out together, while Miss Chloe watched them with a wary eye.  She is a mature senior dachshund with a basic attitude of, "I like you well enough but don't mess with me."

At one point in my life I had three dachshunds and two cats in my wee home.  And at times I ponder getting Truman a companion -- having only one animal around seems odd.  However, although the hounds had a great time and I enjoyed all the company overall, after four days of feeding them, walking them, cleaning up the yard, and having constant doggie demands on my attention, I'm thinking one dog is a fine state of things indeed.  

Here are a few photos:

Couch potato dogs

Not a lot of room for the human....

Out and about

Play time

Fierce friends


  1. Ah! They are all so darn cute. Still waffling on the second dog eh? You know best!