Friday, October 23, 2015

Cars are hard to draw

At the car museum on Saturday, I tried to sketch cars, and quickly discovered that they are very difficult subjects.  It's easier to draw them straight on, but all of the randomly placed benches were opposite cars I didn't want to draw.  The cars I wanted to draw were always at an angle from the bench.  This was annoying.

Eventually I found this 1926 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost mostly straight on and had a go.

And I discovered the next annoyance -- cars are big, and I kept running out of room on the paper by not starting small enough.  So at the next attempt, instead of drawing the whole car, I sketched bits and pieces I found interesting.

I think I sat on nearly every bench in the museum, hoping for a straight-on shot of something I liked.  After about two hours, I finally found this car -- which wasn't too long for the page.  Alas, it turned out to be too tall, and I ran out of room at the top of the page.  Dang.

After grabbing lunch at the museum cafe, we visited the British car collection.  I wanted to do more in color, and found a vibrant red van to draw -- and of course, the nearest bench put me at an angle to it.  Drawing cars on angles is hard!  Didn't quite get it right, but the coloring was fun.

In keeping with the car theme, in a different outing last Sunday, we met up with the Urban Sketch group at a pumpkin farm, where I drew an old truck -- twice:

I think I'm done drawing vehicles for a while, though we didn't see everything at the car museum and it's definitely worth a second visit.

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  1. Just feel blessed that you can draw at all! I'm lucking if I can complete a stick house with birds that look like V's and a sun in the corner - LOL. Have a great weekend!