Thursday, October 15, 2015

What, *more* people?

You may recall that I don't usually draw people, and find them challenging.  But Urban Sketchers kind of need to draw people, or at least make some kind of effort, from time to time.  I've tried ignoring them when I'm sketching urban scenes, and the pictures wind up looking a bit post-apocalyptic -- where did all he people go?

Tina, on the other hand, is gung-ho about drawing people, and likes to go sketching in populated places.  She even uses the freeze-frame on her TV to practice portraits.  So I've been forced to practice this skill when she suggests a location, such as last Sunday, when we joined a handful of other sketchers at Third Place Books.  I have noticed, thankfully, that with more practice, I seem to be improving at people.  I do wish they would stop moving about, though, and would learn to pose properly when I'm drawing them.  Not that they know that I'm drawing them (I hope!).

Before we get to Sunday, here are a few sketches from a work day lunch break last week:

Warm-up people sketches (i.e., trying to get back in the swing of things before Sunday)

This girl had the biggest salad bowl I've ever seen

Taking a break from people

And now on to Sunday's outing:

I started outside at the Farmer's Market...and left out the people....

Time to move indoors...where I sketched another sketcher!

Quick studies of people who didn't move too much

People staring at their smartphones are easy to draw

More random people who didn't move a lot

That's it for the sketching round-up.  No post tomorrow -- I'm all out of things to write about!


  1. For a blog about sketching people, I found that my favorite was the health science building LOL. You are obviously enjoying yourself with all the sketching this year. Have you thought about changing anything for next year?

    1. Oh yes...though not in a fun way -- I think 2016 will be the Year of Hunting for a New Job!

    2. No! Both of us are way too old for that. With your wonderful financial ways, I'm sure you could retire early and/or work part-time? I'm really surprised that they would be so evil when you've worked there so long. This is just awful. I hope you can figure something out. On the other hand (shades of "Fiddler on the Roof") - you do have a boatload of experience and a great work record. Age should be no impediment to finding new employment.

  2. Your people are definitely improving, though I do prefer your landscapes and you do them so well. How about some sketches of Truman after call he does stay still.

  3. Hey! Nothing to write about? What about "The Living Bird" event last night?

    1. Yes, that was fabulous fun. However, I don't have much to say about it in a post, other than, "That was fabulous fun, and I got a fabulous gift." Which I've only had time to glance through, though of course I flipped immediately to the acknowledgments to see the fine thank-you to a certain person I know. Well done!