Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Roundup: art, birds, and relaxation

It was a quiet weekend compared to the last one -- a little birding, some sketching, lots of roaming about the garden yanking weeds, and keeping the Hound entertained.

On Saturday morning, my friend Tina and I went to Bothell Country Village for a sketch outing -- that's the same place the Urban Sketchers met in May, with the older buildings, pond, etc.  The first thing that caught my eye was a fish sculpture/fountain in a small rock- and plant-lined pool, which I drew in ink and then added water-soluble colored pencil:

Next, I wandered over to the pond with the boat (which is a shop called the "Boatique").  I drew this during the last visit but found a new viewpoint that I liked, showing the bow, where a pair of children's rubber boots stood.  I drew it in pen and this time used straight watercolor to finish it up:

A very enjoyable morning.

Birding happened on Sunday morning, where I spotted a robin eating a berry on the Montlake Fill trail:

The robin was not inclined to share its berry with the cowbird chick nearby, but a few seconds later I saw a Song Sparrow giving food to that same chick.

As for relaxation, I'll post more photos tomorrow of An Afternoon with Dogs in the Garden.  Here's a teaser:

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