Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Invasion of the Hounds

Last Sunday I had occasion to watch Winston and Chloe at my home for about seven hours and it was great fun, especially for Truman.  He tried diligently to show Winston how great the wading pool could be:

Winston remained dubious.  Unless there is a Mallard floating around in it, he is just not interested in leaping into water of any kind.

Truman persisted, and Winston deigned to take a drink as if it were a giant water bowl.

So since it was extremely warm, I took matters in hand and gave Winston a bit of a boost.

Which lasted all of about three seconds.

Oh, well.  Perhaps if I put an animatronic duck in there, he'd get more excited.

Next, the Hounds decided to smell the roses:

They even smelled one of the new ones which had no blooms:

Winston preferred the more established rose:

Either that, or he was sniffing the rose fertilizer, which has fish oil in it.

All in all, it was a delightful way to spend a sunny summer afternoon.


  1. Fun! You should get a rubber ducky (those are cheap) and see if Winston goes for it LOL.

  2. Thanks for watching the hounds! They had a lovely time and were completely tuckered out when they got home.

    I think Winston will tolerate getting wet when he's really, really hot. He actually sat down in the pool the day I walked over in the heat.