Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Fishy Day

After enjoying the views from the Great Wheel, Tina and I decided to eat lunch at the fish restaurant at the end of the Fisherman's Wharf gift shop building, which serves a decent cod fish'n'chips.  I snapped a few pics of the gift shop hallway decor:

And decor-in-process:

Then we went next door to the Seattle Aquarium, where I got in FREE with my Seattle Healthy Aging Gold Card.  Sweet.  Tina was fascinated by the coral reef display, where we spent most of our time, but I managed to get a few pictures of things that weren't coral reefs.

Here is the Tide Pool, where you can touch stuff:

And here are the wonderful jellyfishes:

Winner of the Seattle Aquarium Creepiest Looking Fish Award:

And of course, there were more fabulous fish:

We also admired the seals, seal lions, sea otters, and shorebirds.  But mostly, the coral reef, which is a large display full of amazing shapes and patterns and a giant clam or two.  I think Tina took about 500 photos there.  I took a few myself:

Here's a close-up of the Bubble Coral:

Not only did we have a great time on the Wheel, at the restaurant (dining al fresco), and at the Aquarium, we also had hot (but not too hot) sunny weather, good parking at Pike Place Market, and light traffic on I-5 both ways (which Seattleites know never happens).  A very fine Saturday outing indeed!


  1. Gee - it's like going to the Great Barrier Reef without the flying - yippee! Love that creepy looking fish. Not quite sure who he looks like, but he's funny. Glad you had fun! The weather's been beautiful up there. (and here - but TOO HOT)

    1. If you saw "Despicable Me", that fish is a dead ringer for Gru. (see:

      It's been 80 degrees here several days in a row now. I went wading in Truman's pool last night!

    2. I bet you had company in the wading pool LOL!

  2. I don't think that fish is creepy, it has character, reminds me of someone, perhaps it's Alfred Hitchcock.

    Wow that lime green fishy is a standout also. Great photos. I can see why it was a great day.

    Ps. what does a Healthy Aging gold card holder mean?

    1. City of Seattle provides a free card that gives a few discounts for city residents 60 years and older:

      Most of the stuff is not useful to me except the reduced zoo admission, free aquarium admission, and the 50% discount on pet licenses. Got mine last fall and have only used it twice so far, but the aquarium costs $22 so that's a big savings!