Monday, June 1, 2015

Travels with Truman: Part 1

We had high 70s, sunny weather this weekend, which means:  Get outside as much as possible!  I always prefer places I can take Truman, so we started out at the Fill of course.  The Ospreys are still hanging out and another birder reported they are bringing sticks to the lights.  It's not really a good choice of nesting platform, so plans are afoot to work with the university on alternatives.  Meanwhile, Truman and I had a pleasant stroll around the loop trail.

Next we visited Magnuson Park -- not for a walk or for birding, but to sketch.  There is a large community garden there which has a pergola I wanted to draw.  I found a good viewpoint and sketched away, all the while serenaded by a White-crowned Sparrow not ten feet away.

Truman waited in his stroller as I drew the pergola in ink.

And then it was off to Marymoor Park's off-leash dog area with Tina and Ocean.  Tru loves to go wading and there were plenty of opportunities, as the dog area borders a small, well-mannered river.

He apparently didn't get quite enough wading in, though, for when we returned home, the first thing he did was hop into his wading pool.

We saw other birds this weekend -- I'm saving those photos for later posts.  We also went to Golden Gardens Park -- stayed tuned Tuesday for Travels with Truman, Part 2.

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