Monday, June 22, 2015

Saturday in the Sunshine

Goodness, it has been a sunny warm June -- very much summer long before Summer officially began.  Except for fretting a little over the roses (and trying to remember to water them regularly), I am OK with sunny warm Junes.

On sunny Saturday morning, I went to the Fill, where an Osprey was seen circling the baseball stadium, several goldfinches were brightening the bushes, the Mallards were molting, and a Willow Flycatcher serenaded me with its delightful fitz-bew! call.  (Willow Flycatchers never say anything without an exclamation mark at the end.  Fitz-BEW!)

Here is my set-up by the Main Pond where I did a little sketch in ink, water-soluble colored pencil, and watercolor, while Truman waited ever so patiently.

Here he is facing the pond that I was sketching.

And here is the finished sketch -- I drew in the circle at home before heading out, just for fun.

After our sketching and our bird walk, Tru seemed a bit warm, so on the way home I stopped at Magnuson Park for a quick stroll down to the lake.  There we met some rather unusual people.

At first I thought they were from Friday's Mariners game, where it had been Star Wars theme night, and they just couldn't stop wearing their outfits.  But it turned out they were donning them as part of a charity walk, simply because they could.  They kindly offered to pose:

Tru was not thrilled to be handled by a Storm Trooper.  He felt much better when we got down to the beach and he could go wading.  Here he is post-wade, drying off in more of that lovely sunshine.

Happy SUMMER, one and all!


  1. He looks so very pleased in that last photo! I was having trouble calibrating his expressions before -- that long nose makes him look more supercilious than he is, I think -- but now I have a good example of extremely pleased Truman.


  2. Why yes, he does love to look down his nose at you!
    He had a very fine swim (in which I got quite wet myself) and then hopped on the bench to bask while I dried myself off. It doesn't take a lot to make Truman happy.