Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Weekend Bird Roundup

Over the past weekend Truman and I visited Meadowbrook Pond Park, the Montlake Fill, Magnuson Park, Marymoor Park, and the beach at Golden Gardens Park.  And guess what?  We saw a few birds here and there.  Yesterday you got to see the lovely White-crowned Sparrow at Magnuson.  Today you get to see the rest of the birds (except for Golden Gardens, where the herons wading in the surf were too far off).

Meadowbrook Pond:  an unusual trio of Mallards, since the males do not normally stick around after mating.

Montlake Fill:  a Pied-billed Grebe with its tasty fish breakfast.

And a Killdeer looking concerned, as they do.

The Barn Swallows were very active, gathering mud and grass for nests.

Over at Marymoor Park, there were Purple Martins hanging out at the Purple Martin gourds:

And a raucous collection of herons at the Great Blue Heron nesting colony:

A fine weekend for looking at our feathered friends.

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