Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Monday and Tuesday Sketches

On Monday I went to the eye doctor to check out an inflamed pinguecula (and I learned a new word!), which turned out fine.  I arrived way too early, and noticed a fabulous aquarium in the waiting room which I could not resist.

When the assistant came to collect me for my appointment, he looked at my sketch and said, "In all the years I've worked here, I've never seen anyone do that before!"  Ha.

On Tuesday the sun appeared, so Nicole and I went to the Ballard Locks to try a bit of sketching and to watch the boats.

Truman joined the fun, of course.

It turned out to be a bit colder than we wanted it to be, so we sketched for only half an hour or so. We had this lovely partial view of the visitor center with nicely placed cherry tree as a subject:

I used the techniques learned in the class I recently took, and I like the results:

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  1. Nice aquarium! And I learned a new word too . . . I love that. Glad it was OK.