Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Brief Visit to the Magnuson P-Patch

Last year I did a number of sketches over several weeks at the Magnuson Park P-Patch community garden, starting in late July.  I loved the spot--it's large, it's on a terraced hillside, it has pergolas, and it backs up against an outdoor theater--tons of great drawing possibilities.  So this year I wanted to start going there early in the season and record the gardeners' progress month by month.

There wasn't a lot in bloom at this time of year, of course.  So I drew mostly structures instead.

It got a little cool and breezy, so I headed out -- and naturally, that's when I spotted a lovely sketch subject:

Too late -- the weather just did not cooperate, so I had to settle for photos of the tulips.

I hope to get back there if the weather ever improves.

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