Monday, April 10, 2017

A Montlake Filled Weekend, Part 1: Saturday

On Saturday Truman and I went down to the Montlake Fill to see if the hummingbird chicks had fledged.  They had!  Both birds were out of the nest and hanging around on nearby branches. The mother would pop in from time to time to feed them but they were also foraging on their own.

They sure did grow up fast!

They stretched their wings a lot but I did not see them flying at all.

I wanted a photo of the mother feeding them, but the light was poor, the branches kept getting in the way, and my camera had a lot of trouble focusing, so I gave up.

I moved on around the Loop Trail where I found Connie and her young protege Lewis on their weekly shorebird survey.  We chatted for a bit, and then we all heard the call of a California Quail.  This is not a common bird at the Fill, so we spread out to search for it while Truman wondered what the silly humans were up to now.

Eventually we located the quail, and what a lovely bird it was.

Meanwhile, Truman got bored by birding and chose to attract my attention away from the quail by finding something stinky to roll around in.  Yay.

We moved along and I found something more interesting for him to look at:

He ignored the bunny.  What can I say?  Truman is a unique dog indeed!

Tomorrow:  In Part 2, I get another chance at hummingbird feeding, see an Osprey for the first time this year, and meet a very bold coyote.

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