Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Down at the Locks

Yesterday the sun came out again, and I tootled down to the Ballard Locks to check on the Great Blue Heron nesting colony there.  Truman, of course, tagged along. Here he is at the entrance by the museum:

And here he admires the gardens:

And here he is checking out the locks:

And admiring the art installation:

There were plenty of herons hanging out at the nest site.

It was hard to get flight shots, but I managed to get a couple decent ones:

Then I admired one of my favorite waterbirds, the Barrow's Goldeneyes, which visit in the winter.  There was quite a large flock that had not yet decided to head north again.

Now, once again, there is rain in the forecast for the rest of the week.  Where is my retirement home in Tucson?


  1. Tucson? Not Phoenix? Think of all the baseball games you could go to!

    1. Better birding in southeastern Arizona!