Friday, April 14, 2017

In Between the Showers

Yesterday was one of those days we get here when it will be sunny for twenty minutes and then showery for a bit and then partly cloudy for a while and then it will rinse and repeat.  The weather changed so often and so quickly that it was difficult to plan anything, but I took a chance on going out anyway.

As I headed out the door, there were patchy clouds with blue holes.  As I drove towards Magnuson Park, raindrops fell on the windshield.  By the time we arrived ten minutes later, the rain stopped.

I heard a knocking sound and tracked it down to a tree where a Downy Woodpecker was hacking away:

Out on the lake, there were still a few wintering birds about, like this Common Goldeneye:

We walked for about half an hour, and did not get rained on.

It was quite birdy.  Here is a Bewick's Wren:

And this lovely eagle kept an eye on us:

Here is Truman by the submarine fin sculpture:

On our way back to the car, I spotted this Cooper's Hawk:

I decided to drive around through the old naval base buildings, looking for something to sketch.  It started to sprinkle again, and I was happy to find a parking spot directly across from this nice building:

We drove home in the rain.  A few minutes after we got home, the sun came out again.  For the rest of the day, Truman and I ran out back to sit on the lawn chairs during the sun breaks, and ran back inside during the showers.  What larks!

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