Thursday, February 2, 2017

Not What I Planned To Draw

Yesterday I had planned a sketch outing to Richmond Beach with Nicole at 11am but those plans got pushed back when my elderly neighbor called to ask if I could drive her and her husband to an 11am medical appointment.  Their regular driver was ill.

After somehow managing to get two 80+ people and a fold-up wheelchair into my two-door hatchback, off we went.  My neighbor asked, "Did you bring your sketchbook?"  Of course I did.

The appointment took well over an hour, so I had plenty of sketching time.

I also sketched several patients in the waiting area but decided it might be impolite to post those (or maybe they just weren't that great).

After safely depositing the neighbors at their home, I collected Nicole at 1pm and we headed west.  We had brilliant sunshine, though when I took Truman for a short stroll at Richmond Beach park, we didn't last long as it was rather chilly.

Back at the car, which was delightfully warm from the afternoon sun shining upon it, Truman squeezed into the back, not terribly pleased that Nicole was sitting in HIS spot up front.

We had fantastic views of the Olympics.

We finished off the afternoon with a random exploratory drive around part of the Richmond Beach neighborhood, and then we called it good.

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